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We have over 32 years experience in training to the private and public sectors. One of our greatest discoveries during those years was: “The largest room in the world is the room for improvement.” Life improvement, leadership and management training is our business. Total customer satisfaction is our mission. Integrity is our key value. Excellent attitude, developmental skills, advanced knowledge, wisdom and understanding is our passion.

Our years of life improvement training, management expertise and leadership development courses has helped organisations to work smarter and compete more effectively. We offer managers, supervisors, entrepreneurs and others the most advanced business thinking and management strategies to increase business performances.

Our competitive advantages are our ability to entertain our audience and encouraging them to remember what they have learnt. We use tried, tested and proven methods that can be applied immediately. Our passion is to train others to unleash their wealth of potential.

The courses we offer can be presented on your premises exclusively for your personnel and modified in content and objectives to meet your organisation’s specific needs in any country. 

Here is the list of courses that we provide:

  1. Advanced Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  2. Advanced Negotiation Skills
  3. Advanced Presentation And Public Speaking Skills
  4. Assertiveness Skills
  5. Business Planning Skills
  6. Customer Care
  7. Creative Thinking And Problem Solving
  8. Communication And The Art Of Listening
  9. Conflict Management
  10. Delegation
  11. Dealing With Difficult People
  12. Dealing With Procrastination
  13. Goal Setting
  14. Graphics Design
  15. Health And Fitness
  16. First Line Management
  17. Certificate In Management
  18. Managing Difficult Conversations
  19. Marketing And Selling
  20. Meetings For Success
  21. One-To-One Coaching And Mentoring
  22. Personal Development
  23. Performance Management
  24. Professional Telephone Skills
  25. Singles Direct Pursuing Excellence Weekend Away
  26. Stress And Pressure Management
  27. Team Building
  28. Team Leadership
  29. Train the Trainer
  30. Time Management
  31. Understanding And Mastering The Internet
  32. Writing Skills
  33. Website Design And Development

To enquire about our courses please contact us at: or call: +44 (0) 7956 872 141



“In excess of 70 supervisory staff has now been through the NEBSM programme and the feedback have been extremely positive and complimentary to you. This feedback is not solely from the delegates!

Line Managers and Unit Managers have also feedback to me that the programme has contributed to a noticeable improvement …” Tony Manktelow, Training Manager, Connex



 "Many thanks Errol for a very inspiring day and keeping us focused. The feedback, as you can see, is very positive and I was interested to see what staff had taken away from the day. Many of them are going to have more positive attitude towards their work and in managing their stress which is exactly what we hoped this day would bring.... Collette, Fay and myself are really looking forward to going to the BAR, and I think I’ll use this with my husband too – though no alcohol involved!

My reflection from the day was that as a Senior Manager, I need to make sure that our staff are aware they are building a castle, not simply breaking the stone as this has a great impact on motivation. I feel a vision coming on…..I’m sure the day will also inspire greater self-awareness, which although directed at work life, will enhance all areas of the teams’ lives.

Errol – I continue to be your number one fan (please add me to the list) and many thanks also helping to set up as we had arrived early to ensure that everything was done before you came, so your help was much appreciated." Amanda, Collette and Fay Speech and Language Therapy and Adult Hearing Services, NHS



 gill_mccabe"Big Gill McCabe had already spent 10 years sleeping rough in and around London when we first met in the summer of 1985. I remember Gill, then aged 24, as a hefty woman, heavy in the back and rump, who walked with a quick, intimidating swagger. She wore heavy boots and faded jeans.

A couple of teeth were missing at the front and her dark eyes were ringed with purple. Looking again at those 1985 photographs, she evinces nothing so much as disarray; a shout for pity. She had arrived here through a combination of a bad beginning, her personal fallibilities and a political social culture that is expert in the production of can't and crocodile tears but not much else for her sort. Some people ride through bad times. They have the resources or the good fortune. Others like Gill McCabe, fizzle out. Unless miracles happen.

"At her new single-room council flat with her new boyfriend Essex-born Steve Tranter, she recounted how it happened. Soon after our last meeting she'd tried to beg from a group of black Christians who were evangelising in Covent Garden. They were from North West London teaching mission called SCHOLAR and their leader Errol Williams, spoke to Gill about the rat race and how to escape it. Soon she was enrolled on a SCHOLAR course that offered instruction in self awareness, positive thinking and social skills - some 20 sessions. Other enrollees paid for their instructions, Gill got hers free, Errol also bought Gill fresh clothes and drove her to classes. (She was still sleeping rough at the time.)

"It was a couple of weeks after the course started that her cancer was redefined as a cyst; homeopathic tablets she says have since virtually eliminated it. Then she met Steve, a former landscape gardener whose marriage and job had busted apart, so that, like Gill, he was sleeping rough in Lincoln's Inn Fields. They decided to reclaim her old flat and face what duffy had to offer. But the place was uninhabitable. That's when Camden Council moved Gill to her present block in King's Cross. She moved in as a sober woman. "Gill McCabe is as amazing as anyone by the transformation in her life.

'It's brilliant, isn't it?' she says, as we sit together on the one item of furniture in her clean, freshly wall papered flat: a sofa bed. 'SCHOLAR gave me a certificate for finishing the course. You can see it if you like, I've got it here.'

"There is colour in her cheeks and the tremors have gone, but, with her improved circumstances, there is the recognition of just how weary her years on the road have made her. 'We had to give a presentation at the end of the course where we said we were in life. I said that I was at rock bottom, which was true. I'm coming up now, although I still need loads of time to get myself stable, to make this place into home. We are going to get some proper furniture when we can afford it and finish the decorating.'

A sceptic might say Gill has exchanged one addiction for another - boozy recklessness for submission to the Jesus cult. That is probably true - although she is not half so zonked out on her Lord as some you see. But, in her case, at least, it is a less malign and hurtful addiction. And more than that, she at least stands a chance of realising her old-fashioned dream: to make herself a life of mundane domesticity." Andrew Tyler, December 1991 Evening Standard Magazine



 "Hi Errol. This was by far the best presented course I have attended and I have come back so eager to learn more and build upon what I have learned. In fact I switched off my favourite CD (Enrique Inglesis) and as my kids would tell you that was really something – and I revised everything I learned all the way home – I talked through everything I learned and it was so AMAZING at how everything was jumping out at me – the notes all around the room, the pictures from the notes, phrases from the course, your fantastic stories.

I really think I talked through everything even the things that I could not recall when we summarised during the three days. I was really amazed. On reaching home I couldn’t stop talking about it! The rapport we struck up with you and the team as a whole was really great. Your teaching skills and personality, together with this rapport, really enabled us all to learn so much and thoroughly enjoy the three day. As I said I had only intended to stay till lunchtime on Friday as I had initially understood that it was a one day course and it was half term week for my children – but I was pleased to stay to the end, and we would all have stayed longer!! I really look forward to a Refresher Course/Action Update, maybe in a years time, as we discussed.

As we said this would be most beneficial if held by you as our NLP tutor and would also be nice if the same group were to attend. I shall certainly be indicating to my employers that there will be refresher course in preparation. Therefore once again THANK YOU for a fantastic course and the knowledge you imparted." Kindest Regards Principal Auditor


 “A real inspiration.” Wales Audit Office

“One of the best (if not the best) trainer experience I have had.” London Borough of Enfield


Press Release

By PETER KENNEDY (News paper article, March 30th 2000)

International Management TrainerA HARLESDEN business man has developed into a living advert for the positive thinking he promotes – by becoming one of the world’s top motivational speakers.

Errol A Williams, 40, of Roundwood Road, left South Kilburn High School with no formal qualifications, but through sheer self-belief, desire and determination he has worked his way to the top of a highly competitive tree.

Raised in Harlesden since the age of 12, Errol had his first taste of management at the Bridge Park Project and decided to use his rise to prominence to put something back into the community. Errol said: "I read all the American motivational speakers and then started developing my own techniques and showing them to under – privileged and unemployed people.

"I discovered that the programmes were working very, very well. They were bringing people back to life. We take 20 unemployed people on the programme at a time and help them fulfil their potential.

"They get a lot of benefits: how to listen, how to communicate better, how to improve their CV and be more assertive. We help them set up a plan of action for their lives over the next three to five years." Though he does a lot of work with business and managerial types, it’s the success stories at the other end of the spectrum, which give Errol the most satisfaction.

"When I was working in Covent Garden there was a man called Peter who asked me for a pound. He and a friend of his ended up doing 20 sessions of the programme which prompted them to find a flat, get a job and start moving forward with their lives." Over the years Errol has seen innumerable positive examples which reinforce his belief that people only need a little encouragement to harness their potential.

"The key to success is having a vision, without that you will perish. Most people come to the programme very skeptical, and de-motivated.

"We will ask them what their vision is and then help them crystallize that vision and focus upon a strategy. You have got to believe in yourself."

Errol gives an example of a 15-year-old girl who was dwelling on the negative aspects of her life until she was asked to make a list of her goals – the girl came up with 115 objectives that she wanted to achieve. Now Errol has emulated the American motivators that initially empowered him and written his own personal development book entitled Pursuing Excellence.

He said: "I believe that everybody on this planet has a God-given unlimited potential to do great things." We have got to change the way we look at success and drop all the self-defeatism that holds us back.

"My great ambition is to train one million people in leadership. Whether they are leaders of nations or leaders of their local community."

Anyone interested in enrolling on a programme with Scholar International can contact the company.



Here are some of the clients that Errol have served for over 32 years.

  1. Bridge Park Community Complex (A multi-million pound project that Errol co-funded in 1981 and launched by HRH the Prince of Wales in 1988)
  2. Beacon Housing Association
  3. Business Link London City Partners
  4. Church Organisations all over the UK
  5. Civil Service College (Sunningdale)
  6. Connex South Eastern
  7. Feltham Detention Centre, Holloway Prison and Scrubbs Prison
  8. Globis Mediation (as a freelance trainer to companies all over the UK)
  9. Home Office (Manchester University, Department of Extra Mural Studies)
  10. Inspire
  11. John Carlisle Partnerships
  12. John Matchett Limited (as a freelance trainer to companies all over the UK and abroad)
  13. London Borough of Brent
  14. London Enterprise Agency (Live Wire)
  15. Mosaic Mission (England & Ghana)
  16. Middlesex Information Technology Centre
  17. Powergen
  18. Scitech Diol (as a freelance trainer to companies all over the UK)
  19. Shaftesbury Society
  20. South West Trains
  21. Spurgeon Child Care
  22. Sojourner Truth Youth Association
  23. Tear Fund
  24. Thousands of Individuals who have attended our public courses
  25. Weald Business College


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